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Resources for an Emergency

The entire world is having to figure out what to do during this Pandemic. We have had some time to get groceries and pet food but there  are so many unknowns. 

My intention is to share ideas and resources to help people prepare for a few weeks at  home and also to have supplies in the event of a snow storm or natural disaster. 

Must Have Items

There are Household Items we should have stocked at all times. Here is a list of important items to have on hand in case of any emergency. 

Books, Videos and Links to other websites

It all started with 911, then Y2K, 2012 , The flood of 2013 and now the Pandemic of 2020. We also live in Colorado where the weather changes all the time. What do you do in the event of a weather emergency or health emergency? 

Future Plans

I started stocking emergency products over ten years ago. Inventory has sold and we just were not prepared for this most recent emergency. No Excuses. I think we all got complacent and just figured everything was fine....and it was not. We will be bringing in new products to help us all be prepared. 

Find it on our Blog

I am constantly going through social media and saving links, web pages, you tube videos and information. I finally put it on my blog so I could use the resources I saved. I am still organizing it into categories but there is lots of information available there. 

Home Remedies

A lot of us were caught off guard. We can still shop but we don’t know if what we want is going to be there. What do you have at home that you can use instead?