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We are in the process of creating new classes and events

Classes/Events 2020

House Blessing 101 

Tarot for Beginners 

The Art of Divination starts Friday May 22nd 

Children of the New Earth- This is new for  2020

Inspirational Art Journals- this will be a zoom class

Zoom Art Studio- Creating with others on zoom

Class Schedule:

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The Art of Divination

This is a three part class.  The first class will be an introduction and we will learn about pendulums and muscle testing. The second class will be about Tarot and Oracle Cards. The third class will be on inspirational writing and other ways to connect with our Master Guides and Teachers. Cost: $45

Part One will Start May 22nd, Part 2 will start June 5th and Part 3 will start June 19th. 

See the Event Calendar for details

House Blessing 101

House Blessing 101 will be on May 18th from 7-9 pm 

This will be a zoom class. We teach how to smudge and clear your house, Prayers you can use and tools to use if you cannot burn sage. We will have time for specific questions or specific issues. 

See the Event Calendar for details

Children of the New Millennium

Many of our children have psychic gifts and abilities. They have come to Earth to assist in our Awakening. How can we help them? We will share how  to help them keep their energy clear, use protection bubbles and  set intention for bedtime. We will teach how to use music, crystals and other tools to feel calm, and less anxious. 

We  are  Reworking  this  class  and  will  be  setting  dates  and  content  soon.